Each episode features a different comedian, who is interviewed while doing a challenging. During each interview the talent is asked probing questions encouraging them to disclose showbiz gossip, creating water cooler moments for the viewers.

The style of questioning is humorous and intimate, think Howard Stern with less perversion.  Towards the end of each interview there’s a comedic challenge to complete, putting the talent in an awkward yet funny situation and creating a clip which has viral social media potential.

12 test shoots have taken place with talent including Bill Bailey, Milton Jones and Nina Conti to fully refine the concept. The show was originally given the green light by Comedy Central in March 2016, but it didn’t press ahead due to a staff change at the station.

The show is cost effective as there are no talent fees to pay (bookings made via existing PR contacts), there are brand sponsorship possibilities with experience providers and the line of questioning means each show can be divided into numerous clips to quickly build a social media following.



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