Food Video Production

  • Prices for our Food Video Production packages start from £495.00
  • Options include HD, 4K, 360 VR, drone, scripting, animation and CGI
  • With our PR packages your content can be seen by millions of people Worldwide
  • Our Creative Team will work with you to create an engaging idea to have your content stand-out from the crowd
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Co-produced with Panoptic Films

Producing a video promoting food isn’t just about making the food and presenter look good, the food video production content needs to be engaging and easy to follow.


If it’s not then it’s likely that the content will not perform well online and it could frustrate a viewer who is trying to recreate the dish, creating a negative impact on the promotion of the product.


That’s why at Seriously Funny Productions we always make sure there is a Director on-hand for our Food Video Production shoots, making sure that the content is user-friendly so that the content can have every chance of going viral online.




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