Sport Video Production

  • Prices for our Sport Video Production packages start from £495.00
  • Options include HD, 4K, 360 VR, drone, scripting, animation and CGI
  • With our PR packages your content can be seen by millions of people Worldwide
  • Our Creative Team will work with you to create an engaging idea to have your content stand-out from the crowd
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Most sports are fast paced, with the important moments coming down to the difference of a fraction of a second. When you’re creating a video to showcase a sport it’s important to capture these moments.

If the moments are missed then the narrative of the video can be in danger, as the content will lack a meaningful ending. That’s why when we’re providing Sport Video Production services we capture footage at a high frame rate, making sure that we’re in the best position possible to capture the action, without missing a single thing.



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