Seriously Funny Productions was started Kevin Durham (kevindurham.com) originally as a way to become a TV presenter. After covering a sick presenter and presenting on the red carpet with another production company Kevin wanted to do more. However the presenter’s illness was brief, he quickly returned to his regular position and Kevin found it a struggle to get any more work.

Using his business experience Kevin started a production company and quickly became a regular on the red carpet himself, syndicating content to a wide range of publications. Rather than ask irrating questions about what people were wearing Kevin would have a laugh and a joke with the talent, this led to studios taking note and within a year of starting Kevin was attending press trips directly for film studios including Universal, Fox and Warner.

Alongside Kevin’s presenting work he used the production company as a vehicle for his comedy script writing. This started with the TV pilot, the woefully under-developed ‘Everything’s Wrong’ and led to several scripts after and many near misses.

This includes.

  • A show greenlit with Comedy Central, which was pulled the day before episode 1 was due to shoot
  • Being taken under the wing of a BBC commissioner, who left his position a month later
  • A show going into consideration with ViacomCBS

and many many more.

COVID provided a much needed reset for the company and a decision was made to produce any script that was developed. COVID also provided a huge opportunity, as the financial assistance we received enabled us to produce two TV pilots, Time Family and The Sketchbook. This once again got us back in the swing with comedy production. 

A few more near misses later we then decided to move into movie production, as no matter how good a TV Pilot is, at the end of the day it’s just a very nice pitch and not a sellable product. 

We’re now looking forward to produce our first feature film in late 2023 (B-Movie), with further movies (My Silent Idiot & The Wedding Destroyer) planned for 2024.