We’re looking for animation ideas from creators to put forward to our network contacts. After our own animation pitch, the networks have asked for more ideas.

In the event of a commission we offer a profit based buy-out structure. This varies depending on

1. If your idea is greenlit by a network, there’s no buy-out if a network does not proceed with a project. 

2. How developed your idea currently is.

3. The level of involvement you want with the project moving forward. 


Development Meeting rules & regulations
• Create an account at – all development is done on the live stream, so you’ll need a account to chat. We do not monitor YouTube or Twitch chat during the show.
• Fill out an online pitch release form at – this will NOT transfer ownership of your idea to
us. It only protects us from lawsuits if we already have a similar idea currently in development. Also include
your PayPal email to receive payment if you win money.
• Be prepared to drop a link in the chat™ via your account. We like pitch bibles, sample
episodes, animatics, art portfolios, YouTube/Vimeo links, beat sheets, synopses, etc. People commonly
use google docs- just make sure sharing is set to “Anyone on the internet with this link can view.” But do
not allow editing, or any random idiot will be able to alter your documents during the live stream (and they
most definitely will).
• Be prepared to talk about your show on air – DO NOT simply read your document back to us.
• Videoconference in to the live show at Once you’re on, drop your link in the chat
and tell us your username so we can spot it immediately.
What your pitch should include
• Title, Format: What’s it called? Is it a series or a special? Half hour or quarter hour? Animated or live-action?
• Logline: 1-2 sentences about your show that include character, setting, and conflict.
• World: 3-5 sentences on where the show is taking place, including time, location, universe and structure.
• Characters: 1-2 sentence descriptions of each main character including origin, goal, and relationship to
other characters. Include a visual, if available.
• Synopsis: What happens? What is your series arc? Brief episode descriptions can be included here as
• Visuals/Art: What does this show look like? What do the characters look like? Where do they live? Work?
Play? Do you have a link? A website? A portfolio? WE LOVE SAMPLE EPISODES
• Watch archived Development Meeting episodes here:
• Know your show. This isn’t a chance to bounce ideas around. We want to see a fully thought out concept.
• We don’t give a shit where you went to school or what you studied.
• The best pitches are from people who have clearly prepared, know their stuff, and are open to feedback.
• See the Sample Pitch on the next page for a look at basic pitch structure.



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